Our objectives

The power generation sector in the UK will be fundamentally re-shaped over the coming decade. The retirement of old coal and gas plants to meet stringent emissions regulations and the UK's EU obligation to generate at least 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 create new opportunities for a company with the right strategic vision, access to funding and ambition to become a leading player in an industry traditionally dominated by a handful of large utilities.

Infinis is keen to continue to expand its diversified portfolio of embedded renewable power generation activities, thereby reaping substantial synergies at operational, commercial and overhead level. As the second largest renewable electricity generator in the UK, we are passionate about our operational excellence.

As we continue to expand our renewables footprint, we are committed to building strong partnerships with local communities and other stakeholders who stand to benefit from our investments and to ensuring the best working conditions for our employees. With these interests rightly balanced, a lot of hard work and a winning company culture, we are confident our drive will enable us to both create value for our shareholders and make a significant contribution towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.


Infinis generates enough renewable energy to meet the needs of more than 1 million electricity users