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Captured Mineral Methane (CMM)

Baseload generation from methane-rich coal mines

In April 2018, we completed the acquisition of Alkane Energy which now forms our CMM Division.

Our CMM Division generates baseload power from across 15 sites through the extraction of CMM which is a naturally occurring methane-rich gas released from closed disused coal mine workings.  Controlled extraction occurs by applying suction through the mine openings or through boreholes to intersect the mine workings.  The conversion to electricity using modular reciprocating gas engines is the same as with the CLM.

By extracting the methane that could otherwise be released into the atmosphere, Infinis again performs an important environmental service in the abatement of a potent greenhouse gas.

As a licenced CMM operator we comply with the requirements of the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) by holding and owning Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDLs) granting permission to extract and utilise the methane-rich gas for generation purposes.


Total installed operating CMM capacity*

*as at 31 December 2019