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Gas Engine Overhauls

Founded upon operational excellence and world-class engineering, we provide a comprehensive cradle to grave out of frame engine overhaul service that solely uses engine components supplied via OEM manufacturers or approved service exchange providers on a generic 4-week turnaround (engine removal to re-commissioning) – all delivered from our state-of-the-art workshops.

The Infinis Centre of Excellence is a world-class engineering facility and it’s from this workshop that our team, with over 150 years of collective experience across 500 engines, comprehensively evaluate all components to ensure each engine will provide safe, reliable operation and unparalleled performance following the completed overhaul works.

Why Infinis?

  • Superior Quality & Service - Our expertise enables us to work towards ‘first time fix’ for faults, a swift return to service and improves engine reliability and performance. Genuine OEM components are also used, eliminating the risk of substandard parts.
  • Reduced Down-time – Our dedicated facility and extensive experience enables our team to conduct the work within 4-week timescales - keeping down-time to a minimum.
  • Transparent Costing – Our 6-step engine rebuild model ensures that once full evaluation is completed we will provide you with a transparent pricing and works schedule – avoiding escalating costs typically associated with engine overhauls.
  • World-class reputation – Operational excellence and world-class engineering is our ethos. We have award-winning health and safety performance and pride ourselves on our workmanship, attention to detail and the quality of the end product.

Engine Rebuild Service


Site Visits

The Infinis Centre of Excellence has already received outstanding feedback from the industry and those who have visited. We actively encourage visits to the facility to discuss potential opportunities and see the facilities for yourselves

To find out more about our services or to arrange a site visit to our Lancaster workshop please contact Stewart Wilson or Duane Longthorn by email or telephone to:

Gas engine overhauls

Tel:  01604 662400