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Wind power

Power Response (PR)

Our PR division currently generates power from 17 sites by using mains natural gas and/or liquified, tankered fuel source to feed reciprocating engines.  The conversion to electricity using modular reciprocating gas engines is the same as with the LFG and CMM.

The UK's increasing reliance on intermittent renewable power generation poses a growing risk to security of supply and this has created a demand for highly responsive, flexible, standby generation capacity.  Our growing PR division directly addresses this need, providing highly responsive power in local areas connected through the local distributed network closest to consumer demand.

Within the UK power market, our PR division is eligible to earn revenue from a variety of sources including wholesale power, embedded benefits, CM payments, and short-term operating reserve contracts with National Grid.

In response to the natural decline of LFG and CMM, our PR division organically grows by repurposing those sites through site conversions by using the existing infrastructure and by repowering our engines to operate on alternative fuels.

The engines are converted and repowered in our Lancaster Centre of Excellence by experienced, class-leading staff.  We use small gas reciprocating engines which are flexible in terms of ease and speed of deployment and are readily deliverable around the distribution network close to consumer demand. 

The acquisition of Alkane has enabled us to accelerate the growth of our PR division by providing an additional organic pipeline of site conversion opportunities as well as some new developments. 


Total installed operating PR capacity

* as at 31 December 2018