Generation Activities

Infinis are the UK’s leading generator of low carbon power from captured methane

Our operating platform spans four business divisions:

  1. Renewable baseload Captured Landfill Methane (CLM)
  2. Baseload Captured Mineral Methane (CMM)
  3. Power Response (PR)
  4. Solar

Infinis generates most of its electricity by capturing methane from its CLM and CMM sites and converting this methane into electricity.

We capture in excess of 400,000 tonnes of methane and generate approximately 1.5TWh of electricity per annum. 

More about Infinis

Baseload renewable power generated through extraction and combustion of Captured Landfill Methane

Baseload power generated through extraction and combustion of naturally occurring methane-rich gas released from disused mines

Power generated by using mains natural gas and / or liquified, tankered fuel sources to feed reciprocating engines

Our newest division and a strong platform for providing renewable clean energy