Captured Mineral Methane (CMM)

Baseload power generated by extracting and combusting naturally occurring methane rich gas released from disused mines

Our Captured Mineral Methane (CMM) Division generates baseload power from 15 sites through the capture of CMM which is a methane rich gas accumulated over time in closed mines.

Methane is one of the Earth's most harmful greenhouse gases being 25x more potent than carbon dioxide.

Being able to generate power from CMM significantly reduces the impact of methane emissions on climate change as well as providing an efficient and secure source of local power generation.

We extract CMM  in a controlled way by applying a suction through the mine openings, or through boreholes. It is then converted to electricity using CMM as a fuel source for modular reciprocating gas engines - exactly the same way as for Captured Landfull Methane (CLM).

Each year we capture in excess of 40,000 tonnes of methane and generate more than 0.1 TWh of electricity from our CLM operations.

Our current installed CMM capacity

*Correct as at April 2020

44 MW*