Power Response

Highly responsive and flexible power generation to support intermittent renewable power technologies

To be carbon neutral by 2050, the UK requires significant investment in renewable power generation, namely wind and solar, to replace retiring thermal plant and also support growing demand for electricity.

One shortcoming of these renewable power sources is their much higher levels of intermittent supply (i.e. gaps in supply).

As a result, baseload demand can only be met by combining a range of renewable sources with highly responsive, flexible standby generation capacity.

Our Power Response (PR) Division directly addresses this need, providing highly responsive power in local areas connected through the local distributed network closest to consumer demand.

We currently generate power from over 20 sites using a combination of mains natural gas and liquefied tankered fuel which feed modular gas reciprocating engines.

This is then converted to electricity in the same way as for Captured Landfill Methane and Captured Mineral Methane.

Total installed operating PR capacity

*Correct as at January 2020

180 MW*