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New Ling Hall Solar Park

Infinis is delighted to announce the construction and commissioning of its first Solar park. 


Infinis has made significant progress in developing its solar division, aiming to co-locate solar PV technology on sites where it generates renewable power from captured landfill methane. This initial project has a 7.0 MW installed capacity and consists of 13,200 bifacial photovoltaic panels generating clean, carbon free electricity.

The solar park is located on the surface of the restored Veolia landfill site and generates incremental renewable energy to power 1,700 homes in the local area.

Keith Hobbs, Development Director for Infinis said:

“We have a long and successful partnership with Veolia generating renewable electricity by the capture of methane from the Ling Hall site. By co-locating Solar PV generation on the same land we provide a new use for the land, significantly increasing the renewable energy that Infinis generates from the site each year”