Relentless focus on operational excellence

As a power generator, Infinis has adopted an operational philosphy aimed at optimising the reliabilty of its biogas to deliver a reliable output to it commercial offtakers

With captured landfill methane (CLM) and captured mineral methane (CMM) plants, which provide electricity on a base load basis, this starts with the gas field monitoring and balancing processes which enable Infinis to maximise the extraction of captured landfill methane from approximately 15,419 gas wells under management while ensuring optimal compliance with environmental regulations. Infinis runs the single largest fleet of CLM and CMM engines in the world which are subject to rigorous maintenance and overhaul regimes. Gas field monitoring, engine overhauls and engine servicing are predominantly carried out in-house and we provide extensive ongoing training to both gas field and engine technical teams. We closely track the monthly conversion of CLM and CMM into GW hours of electricity and engine performance KPIs which form the basis for continued improvement efforts by our field teams.

Finally, the investment in our best in class 24/7 Logistics Centre at our headquarters in Northampton enables us to constantly monitor the environmental compliance and GW hour output performance of our generating plants.