We recruit for a wide variety of operational roles, such as front-line technicians working day-to-day on the captured methane sites who ensure that our engines and sites – crucial to power generation – are maintained in top class condition. Engineers are also a key part of our leadership teams, whether from an electrical, C&I, mechanical  or environmental background.

Our head office teams provide an important support service and we occasionally seek candidates in areas such as health and safety, environmental management, finance and human resources.

We recruit high calibre individuals from a range of specialisms to support our portfolio. For these teams, we look for individuals with commercial backgrounds in the energy industry in areas such as land acquisition, environmental assessment, planning, ecology, construction and project management.

Infinis have been employing apprentices for over 10 years and provide training within both head office and operational teams.  We aspire to continue to support young people in building excellent careers with Infinis.  We are passionate about providing opportunities to our employees to enable them to develop skills, ensuring not only that they are expert in their role but also to prepare individuals to adapt to any future challenges and to progress within the business when opportunities arise.