Our values

At Infinis, we believe that we have a unique ‘winning’ company culture that encourages employees to develop and thrive in an environment where excellence is recognised and rewarded. Our people show great passion and enthusiasm in their roles and enjoy the opportunities that come from our entrepreneurial approach and rapid growth. Amongst the features that demonstrate the values of the company are:

  • Employees regularly showing a willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for their team, or the company generally, at times when that bit of discretionary effort is needed to ensure that power continues to be generated 
  • The very regular communication, whether it be the daily morning operations tele-conference calls, monthly team meetings or the quarterly roadshows, that ensures that all our people are fully ‘in the know’ and sufficiently well-informed to succeed in their jobs
  • Our determination to ‘set people up for success’ by providing the support, training and development needed for employees to be quickly up to speed and effective in their roles
  • The flexibility regularly shown by employees, when the scope/breadth of their role expands, reflecting the high-growth environment that we work in
  • The chance for all employees to feed back their views, even to the most senior levels in Infinis! This opportunity can be taken in the Q&A session at the company annual conference, in the regular confidential employee surveys, or even on a more ad-hoc basis in our open-plan head office
  • The recognition that is given to our highest achievers in the high-profile ‘Star Performer’ awards that are celebrated on an annual basis at our all-employee conference, where awards for achievements as diverse as ‘hitting the ground running’, ‘new ways of working’, and ‘great team working’ are presented in front of a large audience

Infinis is a great place to work for those with a can-do attitude and a tenacious desire to succeed, safe in the knowledge that the rewards and recognition follow for proven performers.

In the office at Infinis