Recruitment agency policy

If you would like to work with Infinis in the future, please email our careers team with the following information:

  • Terms of business
  • Sector or technical specialism(s)
  • Office location
  • Brief profile of the named consultant who would work with us
  • Three examples of recent placements

We will acknowledge your email, and we will contact you again if we would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your services in more detail. At that stage, we’ll ask you to provide a reference from a comparable organisation. We’re very aware that our preferred suppliers are representing Infinis, so we may also ask to speak with some recent candidates, successful and unsuccessful.

Unsolicited phone calls

Please be aware that we have a strict policy on unsolicited contact from recruitment agencies. Contact via the aforementioned process is the only method we accept unless we directly inform you otherwise. Unsolicited phone calls reflect poorly on agencies and are likely to mitigate against their inclusion on our Preferred Service List.

We apologise to high quality recruitment agencies for this approach, but we receive an unacceptable level of unsolicited contact and will strictly apply this policy in order to contain this challenge.

If you have any questions, please email our careers team.

Thank you again for your interest in working with Infinis.

Our agency policy