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Tips and suggestions

Whether you’re working in the energy sector or not, there are always ways you can become more energy efficient in the workplace. Thankfully it’s something people are now much more aware of, so you should find that some of your colleagues are already doing their bit.

  • Screen savers unfortunately don’t really save energy. If you’re leaving your desk for half an hour, switch off the monitor.
  • So much money and energy is wasted by leaving PCs on overnight. Switch them off and blow what you save on a big Christmas party instead.
  • If you’ve got big windows, use natural daylight and switch off the office lights.
  • Think before you print. Is it absolutely necessary to have a copy of that 250-page document or can you just keep it stored on your PC?
  • Consider how you get to out-of-town meetings or conferences. Why not leave your car behind, jump on the bus or train and have a read of the morning paper? It’ll set you up well for the day.
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We do our bit too.

You'll be pleased to hear that we practise what we preach here at Infinis. For a start, we create green energy from a sizeable proportion of the UK’s annual 400 million tonne rubbish mountain – preventing 11.0 million tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere each year. We're one hundred per cent committed to the generation of renewable power and we can put our name to ten per cent of what is produced of it across the UK. We plan for that percentage to get even bigger.

We specialise in landfill gas, onshore wind power and hydro. But our green outlook is something we're proud to say spans our whole company ethos. That’s why we’ve produced this small steps scheme; to show our people how they can contribute even more to the environment in everyday life. And to demonstrate that we're financially committed to helping you make the biggest difference possible.