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Tips and suggestions

On yer’ bike. Cycling is good news all round – for the environment and for us. You’ll be getting fit and producing absolutely no pollution. Tempted? We’ll give you a helping hand.

Cut down your emissions. If you’re buying a new car, get a lower-emission one like a hybrid or even an electric.

Go easy on the accelerator. It might seem obvious, but accelerating more slowly will do wonders for your emissions. And will probably help cut down any road rage too.

Save that juice. Using your air-con more sparingly will save fuel. And it may seem minor, but making your car more aerodynamic (by taking down roof racks or closing windows) will also help.

Jump on the train. Public transport can be a great way to get where you want to go. Without the jams. Or the one-way systems. Or the angry road users to contend with. So consider it next time you’re off to a meeting or conference.

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On the move

Getting from A to B is a necessary component of day-to-day life. The trick is finding the least impactful way to do it. So if you don’t have to take the car, how about jumping on your bike? Or walking – the greenest and cheapest form of transport we know.

As an Infinis employee, your efforts to reduce your carbon emissions will not go unnoticed. We’ll do our best to support you if you want to drive a greener car, for example, with grants for eco-friendly vehicles.

How we'll help

Extra cash for low emissions. We’ll give you up to £1,500 net (payable over two years) if you choose to purchase a greener vehicle.

VED bands a and b give you £1,500 net
VED bands c and d give you £750 net

Collect a form from HR if you're interested in receiving the grant.

Buy a bike for work, and save up to 40% off the cost with our cycle-to-work scheme. You can pay if off monthly over 12 months through Payroll and we won’t even ask you to pay National Insurance or tax.