Community engagement

Infinis is very involved in building strong relationships and developing a reputation as a ‘good neighbour’ by the local communities in which it operates. Accordingly, Infinis' employees are encouraged to support charitable activities in the local communities where they live and work. By making this positive contribution to communities, it is believed that they gain a better understanding of Infinis and its activities.

The ‘Infinis Energy Challenge’ competition is an example of just such an initiative.

During National Science Week a competition was launched, supported by the University of Northampton and Northamptonshire County Council, which invited primary schools in the county to find innovative, unusual or effective ways of reducing energy consumption. Each school was given a smart electricity meter, donated by Infinis, to help with the measurement of their carbon saving efforts.

The competition attracted great interest in Northamptonshire with 17 schools showing their creativity by producing some fantastic energy-saving ideas ranging from launching ‘switch it off weeks’, to starting their own school smallholdings - cultivating vegetables and collecting eggs from the school hens for consumption in the school canteen!

In order to provide encouragement to the schools, the company recruited a volunteer ‘Science and Energy Ambassador’ for each school from within its workforce. The 17 volunteers visited schools regularly during the 2 month period of the competition to work with the children, and even, on occasion, made presentations at whole-school assemblies to ensure pupil engagement. This provided great personal development for employees, as well as establishing strong links between Infinis and the local school children. 

As part of the judging process, finalist schools were invited into company Head Office to present their entries to a judging panel comprising senior managers from Infinis, the University of Northampton and Northamptonshire County Council.

After a tightly-contested final round of judging for the six top entries, Sywell C. of E. Primary School was successful, winning the £500 prize donated by Infinis. Sywell schoolchildren can be seen in the photos demonstrating the need to move from a big carbon footprint to a small one.  

The company continues with its support for community investment. 

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